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The following has been produced by members of the Proud2Be Youth Group. This list is not comprehensive and may not apply to every individual.

No sexual interest but may be still romantically attracted to people

Someone who identifies as either a woman or a man- and uses the terms female and male, feminine and masculine, respectively

A person who is attracted* to people of 2 or more genders

Someone whose gender is the same as the one they were assigned at birth
Opposite of trans/transgender

Someone who identifies partially but not fully as a certain gender (can be binary or non-binary)

Only being attracted to somebody once a connection has been made (i.e. friends)

A person who is attracted to someone of the same gender

Romantically attracted to people of the same gender

Someone whose biology doesn’t completely match the typical social definitions of ‘female’ and ‘male’. Some intersex people identify as trans and part of the LGBTQIA+ community but some do not.

A woman who is attracted to other women

Someone for whom the “gender binary” doesn’t fit – either because their sense of gender falls outside the strict categories of woman/man entirely, or because it incorporates only parts of one or both, or is more than either one of those on its own.

Someone who is attracted to people, regardless of gender

Someone who is unsure about or is exploring their own sexual orientation and/or gender identity

Someone whose gender differs to the one they were assigned at birth
This includes but is not limited to gender fluid, agender, non-binary, pangender, bigender & demi gender
Opposite of cisgender

* sexually, romantically, spiritually, and/or physically

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