Totnes Pride 2018 Theme – Marsha Was Her Name

Although often overlooked, Marsha P. Johnson is said to be among the first people to confront the police at the Stonewall uprising in 1969.

Too often the actions of Marsha and those like her are ignored, erased and hidden, not just from what we are taught at school but in how our past is spoken about, sometimes from even within our community. Marsha fought for the unheard to have a voice and the forgotten to be remembered and along with many others, paved the way for a more loving, inclusive and embracing world.

It’s for this reason that we are really excited to have the opportunity to honour Marsha and those like her at this year’s Totnes Pride.

Our theme this year is ‘Marsha Was Her Name’.

Marsha’s legacy reminds us of what Pride is truly about. It is a celebration of who we are. It is a reminder of where we have come from. It is a statement of where we are going.

Join us on Saturday 1st September. Marsha often wore flowers in her hair, so this year our visual theme is flowers. Wear them on your head, paint them on your face, hold them in your hand and/or wear them in your hair.

There is no Pride for some of us without liberation for all of us’’ – Marsha P. Johnson

Find out more about Marsha here.
Find out more about Totnes Pride here.



  1. Dot

    What a gorgeous lovely positive colourful page, it certainly sends a vibrant message to all flower it up in any way you like!!! XXX

  2. Dot

    So excited by the theme this year acknowledging unheard voices or those that have never given up whatever. Also paying tribute to Marsha an important figure in our history. And to top it all FLOWERS!!!! LOTS OF THEM!!! OT FLOWER POWER, OUR POWER. Great web page really positive, colourful and clear xxx

  3. Jenny

    What a lovely theme! Fantastic idea to be honouring such an inspirational person in such a positive way. Already getting excited for Pride. Xx

  4. Bill Drayton

    Hi everyone! I’m hoping to come down from Manchester to be there with you. I’m looking forward to catching up on all the news.

  5. Kate

    Fantastic tribute and theme

    • Max Price

      Thanks Kate! πŸ™‚

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