Proud2Be Training

Proud2Be offers high quality, engaging and informative training and workshops.

Proud2Be’s training and workshops are designed and facilitated by qualified trainers with experience of delivering to youth workers, teachers, trainee counsellors, school and college students, business mentors, employees and volunteers.

LGBTQIA+ Awareness

We design and deliver full and half day LGBTQIA+ Awareness training and workshops to provide attendees with:

  • an awareness and understanding of LGBTQIA+ issues
  • an awareness of discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes and the affect they have on individuals and communities
  • an understanding of correct terms and language to use
  • some key tips and guidelines on how to make your organisation LGBTQIA+ friendly and in line with current equality legislation

LGBTQIA+ Hate Crime

From April 2015-April 2016 we delivered LGBTQ+ Hate Crime workshops for the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission). Working in partnership with 34 organisations as part of the LGBT Hate Crime Partnership to increase the reporting of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic hate crimes and incidents and improve the support available to those targeted.

We are available to facilitate half day LGBTQIA+ hate crime workshops to empower attendees to feel more confident when reporting an LGBTQIA+ hate crime and/or supporting someone who is the victim/survivor of an LGBTQIA+ hate crime.

Equality and Diversity

The key objectives of our equality and diversity training are to provide delegates with:

  • an understanding of what equality and diversity are and why they are important
  • an awareness of the key legislation and its implications
  • ways to break down barriers to equality and diversity – prejudice, preconceptions and stereotypes
  • some key tips and guidelines for actively promoting equality and diversity

Proud2Be have previously worked with Targeted Families, Healthwatch Devon, Local Heroes, Kingsbridge Community College, Torquay Academy, Torquay Boy’s Grammar School, HM Prison Service, The Princes Trust and Devon Counselling College.

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