Our Team

  1. Jae Price
    Co-founder & Director

  2. Max

    Max Price
    Co-founder & Director

  3. Katie Meehan

    Katie Meehan

  4. Simone


  5. Jules Kast
    Volunteer Coordinator, Youth Worker, Peer Mentor Coordinator & TPAG* Member

  6. Dot Spink
    Admin & Volunteer Support & TPAG Member

  7. Ally Bender
    TPAG Member

  8. Charlie Hindley
    Youth Blog Moderator

  9. Ryan Soper
    Social Group Volunteer & DJ

  10. Lisa Tyrrell

  11. Gemma Floyd
    Social Group Volunteer

  12. Paul Ross
    Procession Coordinator

  13. Ange Hoey
    Office Support & TPAG Member

  14. Zoe Stark
    Regular Group Volunteer

  15. Erin Stratton
    TPAG Member, Youth Blog & Social Media Moderator, Young Volunteer & Poster Designer

  16. Chris Francis
    TPAG Member

  17. Ally Newton
    TPAG Member 

  18. David Jasper
    Regular Group Volunteer

  19. Liz Laffan
    Office Support

  20. Lucy Homer
    Regular Group Volunteer 

  21. Kit Pittaway
    TPAG Member 

Thank you also to all of the wonderful Totnes Pride and Fundraiser volunteers, we really couldn’t do it without you!

*TPAG stands for Totnes Pride Action Group