About the Campaign

The Proud2Be campaign aims to offer positive messages from a diverse mix of role models to inspire all LGBTQ+ people to be proud of who they are.

Are you Proud2Be- (397 x 561)Many LGBTQ+ have gone through life, being told that they are not good enough and that who they are is something to be hidden, ashamed of, tolerated and laughed at. The main message of the Proud2Be campaign is to encourage LGBTQ+ people to love and celebrate themselves and to be proud of their community.

Since its inception in June 2011, various high profile figures have contributed to the campaign including Stephen Fry, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, retired political activist Christine Burns MBE, author Sarah Waters, writer and lecturer Andrew Solomon, charity founder and school’s advisor Elly Barnes, openly-gay deputy headteacher Shaun Dellenty and former actor and labour politician Michael Cashman CBE. The campaign also includes some lovely videos from members of the general public.

The campaign made waves in 2013, when Stephen Fry’s Proud2Be video went viral, after being shared on popular news sharing sight Upworthy. The video received 120,000 YouTube hits in just a few days. The campaign is hosted on the official Proud2Be YouTube channel. Since June 2011, the channel has received 196,000 views from all over the world, including the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Canada.

To see all Proud2Be videos click HERE. To see all Proud2Be photos click HERE.


In 2013, we added English and Russian captions to the majority of the Proud2Be videos, making the Proud2Be message more
accessible particularly to people who are deaf or hard of hearing and LGBTQ+ people in Russia who are currently being jailed, beaten and terrorized under President Putin’s regime.

Talking about why they set up the campaign, our founders said: “Whilst growing up, we were both bombarded with negative messages about what it meant to be LGBTQ+. For years we internalised those messages which had a profoundly damaging effect on our self-esteem and self-worth. We hoped that our video and its simple message would inspire other LGBTQ+ people like us to be proud of who they are too.”

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