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We rely on your donations and generosity to carry on with our important work. You can now make a donation safely by using PayPal below. Your donation will help us to continue supporting LGBTQIA+ people, in South Devon & beyond. Please support us by donating what you can. Thanks!

One-off donation via PayPal

Monthly donation via PayPal


If you prefer to make a low-tech donation, then please make cheques payable to “Proud2Be CIC” and send to the address located at the bottom of each page of our website.

For those who are not in a position to give money but would still like to donate, we do have a wish list of items below that we require for use in our office and at our events in South Devon. If you have any of them gathering dust, please contact us. Thanks!

  • LGBTQIA+ books, magazines and DVDs
  • Raffle Prizes