2019 so far…

  • Facilitated 5 Social Evening sessions in South Devon
  • Facilitated 4 Social Saturday sessions in South Devon
  • Facilitated 9 Youth Group sessions in South Devon
  • Facilitated 41 mentoring sessions with 7 young people in Devon
  • Facilitated 2 sexual health drop-in sessions in South Devon
  • 1 young person undertook work experience at Proud2Be
  • Facilitated 4 Totnes Pride Action Group meetings in South Devon
  • Facilitated 2 focus groups with family members of LGBTQ+ children/young people in South Devon
  • Launched the first Proud2Be Families Group, a monthly peer support group for the family members of LGBTQ+ children and young people, to come together for mutual support
  • Facilitated 1 Proud2Be Families Group session in South Devon
  • Hosted the first-ever Proud2Be youth residential in South Devon which included a ‘Conflict Resolution’ workshop and a’ Your Voice – being an activist’ workshop
  • Celebrated and promoted our work at 1 local Pride, LGBTQ+ &/or community event
  • Delivered Anti-HBT Bullying teacher training sessions to 5 schools in Devon, as part of the National Anti-HBT Bullying Alliance
  • Delivered a ‘Maintaining mental health for trans and/or non-binary young people’ talk at a conference for heads and principals at SEND schools in the South West
  • Delivered a trans awareness workshop to youth support workers and police officers in West Devon
  • Delivered a trans awareness and anti-HBT hate crime training during a staff development day in South Devon
  • Delivered a number of LGBTQ+ awareness workshops to Devon Carers staff and Carer Ambassadors as part of the ‘Strengthening Support Programme’
  • Delivered an LGBTQ+ awareness workshop to teaching staff at a special school in North Devon
  • Delivered a trans awareness workshop to trainee counsellors in Devon

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